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Important Reasons To Use Ephedrine Safely

Ephedrine comes from ephedra sinica plants and has been used as an herbal remedy in China, Japan, Germany, and India for thousands of years. Its main element is ephedrine which was also one of the ingredients used in diet pills and energy tea drinks in the United States until 2004.

In April of that year, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) banned ephedra due to its serious and often fatal side effects stemming from its use. This prompted diet pill manufacturers to substitute a similar ingredient from ephedra viridis plants for the same desired effect. Most diet pills clearly state on the bottle that the ingredients are ephedra free. Makers of energy tea drinks were not affected and often use either plant in their energy drinks. It is vital to use ephedra safely to prevent results that could end in death.

This herbal remedy opens up bronchial tubes to alleviate breathing difficulties due to allergies, hay fever, asthma, colds, flu, or bronchitis. It is a stimulant which raises body temperature and can result in high fevers, heat stroke, high blood pressure and pulse, arrhythmia, seizures, heart attack,

and stroke.

Another side effect is excessive sweating which can lead to dehydration, overly dry skin, frequent urination, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and headaches. Other risks include kidney stones, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, and irritability. Consumers who suffer from certain medical problems or pre-existing conditions should not use this herb as side effects may be experienced at a higher degree. Health issues such as heart or thyroid disease, kidney disease or kidney stones, diabetes, glaucoma, and depression prevent patients from using this herb.

Those taking medication for asthma, amphetamines for narcolepsy or ADHD, anti-depressants, St. John's Wort, insulin, and narcotics such as codeine are also advised not to take this stimulant. Those on aspirin therapy or medication for blood pressure or heart ailments also run the risk of experiencing possibly fatal side effects. Energy tea drinks combine this herb with caffeine, vitamins, and other herbs to increase metabolism, energy, focus, and weight loss. Those who take larger doses and do not use ephedra safely may suffer from insomnia, irritability, and nervous energy. Some experience a feeling of being "high" if too much is ingested at one time.

It is important to use Ephedrine 30 mg safely so as not to become addicted to its effects and possibly suffer fatal results. Although banned in sports, many athletes secretly use this herb to improve their performance by increasing their metabolism and focus. However, fatal consequences have been suffered by professional athletes which is one of the many reasons for the FDA ban in the United States.

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